The flight was postponed twice after a drunken passenger threw up on the girl hair, and other drunk people were locked in the toilet

Flight Spirit Airlines from Chicago to Baltimore was arrested Wednesday morning after a drunken passenger threw up on the girl’s hair, and a man had to withdraw from the plane.

Restless flight from the windy City was postponed twice, first because of a drunk passenger threw up on the girl and the salon needed to be cleaned, and then, when the aircraft is taxiing on the runway, the other two drunk passenger locked himself in the bathroom.

According to eyewitnesses, the injured girl had to wash her hair in the sink of the bathroom on the plane. Wearer Twitter Cassidy Smith, who was supposed to fly this flight, published a video in social networks, noting that «the girl handled the incident bravely, like a true champion» and adding that she’d «died».

A drunk guy THREW UP in this poor girls hair 🤮

— Cassidy Smith (@Cassidy44) October 8, 2019

Witnesses said that the crew of the aircraft proved itself well and even reacted to the situation with a sense of humor.

«The pilot addressed the passengers during this chaos and asked: are you guys from Vegas? Because it happens only on my flight from Vegas, never in Chicago,» wrote Cassidy Smith.

After a couple of hours ill-fated flight still flew to Baltimore.

We will remind, in July, on a flight Spirit Airways also was chaos, but provoked him not drunk passengers, and… a bat.

The plane was headed to Newark ‘s (new Jersey), when a bat suddenly began flying around the cabin. In the end, she managed to drive to the toilet, where she spent all the time until you arrive at the airport Newark liberty. There it took the staff of the office of animal control.