Hilarious video on puppy snoring wakes up the host, climbing up on his face

Hilarious puppy succeeded in waking the sleeping host, climbing up on his face with your whole body.

The little puppy was caught on video when he tried to Wake his sleeping master. When, obviously, other methods did not help, the puppy is fully climbed on the man’s face.

The puppy, which most likely refers to the breed Golden Retriever, wags his tail enthusiastically at the beginning of the short 21-second video. It is seen that the owner of the dog is fast asleep on the couch, because you can hear his loud snoring. Some voices behind the scenes laugh and cheer for the puppy, taking everything on camera.

Clip made in the United States of America, so the man holding the camera brings the image to enlarge person snoring men, when the little puppy begins to more active attempts to Wake him up.

First Golden Retriever jumps near the owner, quickly waving tail. Noticing that the man didn’t even bother to Wake up he puts a paw on the man’s face literally starts to climb to interrupt the deep sleep of the owner. He rubs his muzzle on the man’s face, a foot hits him in the face, even the eye, but the man does not cease to snore. It is unclear how people woke up from such efforts dog, but nevertheless, it is.

When the puppy reaches the head men, it starts even harder to wag his tail and get right on the nose of the owner. As if that wasn’t enough, a Golden Retriever starts to RUB his right foot the man’s face and completely covers its body a person’s face, causing the man strongly frowns and finally wakes up.

Mission accomplished and the puppy in awe of the result, and the people behind the camera start to laugh uproariously after such a lovely performance.