Renowned photographer traded wild cats National Geographic on pet dogs, and the result is no less grandiose

A successful photographer Vincent muzi, known for its stunning and largely unexpected work for National Geographic, many years of his life devoted to the photographing of wild cats and other inhabitants of the jungle. However, he traded in everyday objects for pictures on pet dogs – from Labradors to poodles — to spend more time with his young son.

Vincent muzi from Charleston, South Carolina, used to travel around the world performing exciting tasks for National Geographic.

Despite the fact that he loved his work, Vincent felt that he’s never home, and he takes little part in the upbringing of his young son hunter. He is afraid that he will miss too many important events before his son goes off to UNIVERSITY to study and will be late.

Because he made the decision to leave work and start a new project – he created a shop in the back room of a local hairdresser Pets. Calling his modest Studio Unleashed Studio, Vincent began photographing local dogs – describing a meeting with every animal and how they affected him emotionally.

«I always agree to take photos of something familiar, but doing so to help people relate to the picture as they never belonged,» he told Vincent about his work.

I wonder what Vincent is using the same techniques that he would use to take a picture of a lion on his territory to photograph dogs, from corgis to Dalmatians.

The result is a beautiful touching and funny shots that demonstrate man’s best friend at his best. This collection of images has been called The Year of The Dog. Look how stunning the pictures turned out Vincent muzi.