The detective story about the missing laptop girls can «single-handedly restore faith in humanity»

Is the nightmare of every owner of the laptop.

When Anna Sproul-Latimer left his laptop on the train, Amtrak, like most people, she decided that never again will not see it. But it is still the beginning their own online investigation to try to find it and she did it with the help of a good Samaritan.

«I am constantly losing things and has a knack for finding them again,» said Anna GMA. A literary agent from Arlington in Virginia only at home realized that I had left the laptop in the Amtrak train, which was traveling from new York to Washington. Knowing that constantly loses things, she used a special app called Find My iPhone that allowed her to pinpoint the location of the laptop he was in Woodbridge, Virginia.

At first, Anna assumed her taxi driver found the gadget in the back seat and took it home so he was safe. When she called the taxi company, however, told her that the taxi driver does not live in Woodbridge.

Then she called Amtrak, where she was told that it was against their policy to pick up lost items from the territory of the company. Then Anna realized that her laptop was probably stolen. «I was upset and started to panic when he realized that whoever took my laptop, he was a bad man,» said Anna.

Still, not losing hope, she left the computer messages using the same app. At first it was a polite messages asking for help, and then with the requirement to return the laptop to its rightful owner.

Before man was able to clean the laptop and she remembered his last known location – nice residential area in Woodbridge.

She tried to call the local police, but they were not able to help her, as the laptop has gone outside their jurisdiction. They said the maximum that they can offer her to accompany her to the last place of stay of the gadget – but even with the police escort, this idea seemed dangerous to her. «It’s a MacBook Pro. My life is worth at least 2 MacBook Pro» jokes Anna.

In the meantime she bought a new laptop, but the search has not stopped. She used Google Earth and noted on the map the last location of the gadget. On the Internet, she found contact information for the couple, who lived in the area. She shot at random and sent them an email, telling about their quest. Anna waited, but the answer from a pair of received.

As it turned out, the couple received the letter, but instead to reply to her, they consulted with his neighbor, versed in technical matters. He is the founder of the company, engaged in repair and purchase of computers, in particular, were in use. By incredible coincidence, a neighbor couple Imran Murad, I have just renovated a used laptop, which he bought. When he heard the story of Anna, then put 2 and 2 together.

Are you ready for a story that has single-handedly restored my faith in humanity, ending in a shameless plug for this local IT business owner, Imran Moorad of Dotsight Solutions, everybody please hire him?

Anna Sproul-Latimer (@annasproul) October 8, 2019

While Murad said that his company checks every one they buy gadgets, he did some digging myself and found that one of the serial numbers of the laptop that he recently bought from someone, same as the serial number of the gadget Anna.

«She was thrilled when we talked on the phone»,- told later Imran.

Anna and Imran was found in Alexandria, in Virginia, in Starbucks. Although the man just gave $600 for the laptop and paid for some improvements, he gave the laptop to Anna absolutely for free. «She offered me money for it. And I said, «I can’t accept the money because it belongs to You»».

Anna admitted that she started to cry because I was touched not only by the generosity of Imran, but his conscious choice to help her — even though he had no reason to do so — just because it was «right.»

«It was the kind that someone has done for me over the years,» she says. «He chose to do the right thing and I think it’s something we all can do. But to make it so difficult.»

Anna has employed Twitter to share a story about the kindness of Imran, who «single-handedly restored her faith in humanity».