Last farewell as the last wish of a dying man asked for another interview with his dog

A veteran of the Vietnam war, which is now in the hospice, got the chance to say goodbye to his faithful four-legged friend as a last wish of a dying man.

John Vincent (69 years) from new Mexico served with the Marines for 3 years, including the war in Vietnam. For several years he lived with her 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier with a Patch, but the veteran had to give the dog to a kill shelter took him another loving family, when last week he was in hospice.

The doctors said that John left not much time and last week he told the social worker at the hospice that he has only one request – the last time to see his beloved pet.

Thursday this desire was fulfilled, and he was reunited with the Patch in the Hospice Center at the medical center Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center in Albuquerque.

Geplaatst door Albuquerque Animal Welfare op Vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

«Yes, it’s me. It’s daddy,» said John, when he saw the Patch and the dog jumped on the lap of his former master. «Are you glad to see me? I’m so glad to see you».

The shelter staff Animal Welfare took pictures touching moment when Patch jumped at John and licked his face.

«I asked him about something that will have meaning for him. And it very quickly came to mind,» said social worker Amy Neal’s edition of the Albuquerque Journal about the moment when the idea arose to reunite the pet and its owner. «This morning when I reminded him that they were coming, he said, «It’s gonna happen?»» — she added.

«When we heard this request, immediately decided, «sure» and tried to do everything possible to make that happen,» said the Director of the animal shelter Animal Welfare Danny Nevarez. «It was as simple as to bring the Patch over here.»

Nevarez said that Patch all the way to the hospice was quiet but began to cry when he saw John. «The feeling that he knew. He just began to whine. It was like he had a premonition».

John, who was born in Montana and grew up on a ranch, joined the Marines when I was young, and served with them for 3 years. When asked about those times, he said he always went for the best.

He said that he had a Patch when the neighbor’s dog had puppies. «He was very young, and I wanted a dog with which you could ride a motorcycle.» Both often rode Harley John, and the little Patch had its own pair of special glasses. After John retired, they walked every evening together.

Geplaatst door Albuquerque Animal Welfare op Vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

The shelter shared photos of their tender reunion on Facebook, adding: «They were so happy to see each other and to say goodbye to each other. It was an honor to help fulfill last wish of this veteran.»

The shelter also reported that the Patch was picked up by new owners and soon he will go to his new home.