«I will come for your child»: a young father was seriously panicked by the voice of a stranger from the chamber of his house

Dad a young child was horrified when a stranger gained access to the security system of his house and started threatening to kidnap his child.

Jack Newcombe from California felt «helpless» when his device home security system sounded an unfamiliar voice.

For the first time about a female hacker he told his nurse, who helps the family to take care of 18-month-old baby, while Jack and his wife are at work. After that, Jack lost made a home camera to record himself heard female laughter. «She said we have a great house and called the babysitter to tell her. She did not answered,» he told Mercury News.

Then the woman joked, saying that she «hopes» that they will not change the password. Jack added that at that time he «became ill». The nurse did not communicate with the woman, despite the fact that she said some «bad words». Obviously infuriated by the fact that it ignored, the hacker «broke and her voice had a menacing tone».

Jack adds that after that, she said, «I will come for the child, if you don’t answer me!» His threat she backed up very rude and unprintable expletive.

The house owner describes that terrible moment: «I have the feeling that my heart was ready to jump out of his chest. To the head of the rushing blood. I was completely helpless.»

Jack asked the nurse to immediately take his son to the Park down the street and kept away from home. In the meantime, he changed the passwords on the security device. After its own investigation of the hacking of such systems, he found that he was not alone was the victim of hackers. Other owners of security systems reported that their device is also infiltrated, and then they, too, began to pour insults.

One owner complained that a hacker has added to the temperature on the thermostat. A couple from Illinois said that in January, someone with a security system cursed obscene words of their child. A couple from Milwaukee stated that the hacker gained access to their device in September and it was lost to the vulgar music.

It is reported that initially the security device was invented to allow people to remotely monitor their home. Owners of the device can «control, that there are intruders, or just to keep tabs on kids or Pets».