Couple – a vegan and a hunter – can’t decide which food to feed 4-month-old son

A woman who eats only food of plant origin for the past 8 years, lives a life opposite the life of her husband who not only eats meat, but to hunt animals.

Yoga instructor and vegan chef Tandy Rolen (28) from Washington met her husband, gunsmith and fishing guide Mitchell Rolanom (28 years) when they were both 16 years old. A couple need to store the products separately, and Mitchell keeps the meat in the garage, while Tandy uses the kitchen. But after the birth of her son, who is now 4 months old, they can’t decide which food to feed him. Tandy hopes to raise him on a vegan diet, but says that will allow him to choose if he wants to go hunting.

Itself Tandi grew up on standard food, but when died of cancer her grandmother, 20-year-old Tandi began to pay more attention to their health and became a vegetarian. Taking up the study of the dairy industry, Tandi became a vegan a month after her wedding with Mitchell in 2015. Although she does not force her husband to become a vegan, he is, after all, began to better understand her position. Now Mitchell only eats meat from animals he killed from a bow and not for sport. The meat he keeps in a separate fridge in the garage.

«When I got pregnant, I decided to close the shop to concentrate on new goals – to grow conscious of man. My husband enjoys bow-hunting and hunting for food. Not as a sport,» says Tandi. «Hunting and eating of animals so familiar that I never asked questions. When the veil covering the field of animal husbandry, slept, I had a period when I was mad at the whole world. I felt that I was lied to. My husband at first didn’t understand me, which was depressing. My marriage was saved by an understanding that people do not change, if you tell them that they are behaving correctly. You need to lead by example and show compassion and understanding.»

At the moment, the son of a pair of Brooks follows in the footsteps of mother and obtains all the necessary nutrients from plant foods. Tandy admits that the pair sometimes ask questions about their very different views on consumption of food of animal origin, but says that their relationship proves that vegans and non-vegans can be together.

«We eat food of plant origin, plus my husband eats meat of deer or grouse, and it’s pretty simple. We also use milk substitutes. Each adheres to his point of view, but the truth is that there is no one solution for everyone. The same applies to lifestyle and diet. You need to communicate. You need to use the best of both worlds».