Orphaned bear cub grew up, but did not forget his affectionate guardian (video)

Orphaned baby bear was very happy to reunite with his former guardian after he had spent many long years away from him.

Bear named Sonya, who was an orphan almost since birth, again had the opportunity to see his former guardian Jonathan in the center of the wildlife Orphaned Wildlife Center is an American nonprofit organization for the protection of animals in Otisville in new York.

In the video, a touching meeting once very close beings can be seen as Jonathan stroked her on the face before she sits on his hind legs. She pulls your torso and hugs Jonathan, while they continue to play together. The man, still stroking the bear, and she turned over on her back so he could scratch her tummy.

Then they started completely unexpected. Jonathan was behind the rear legs of Sonia and took her front paws in his hands, to rocking her back and forth. He then releases her legs and claps her hands, allowing the bear to catch up to him to continue their wonderful play. The man continued to gently stroke the belly of Sony, which is clearly in awe of what is happening.

Closer to the end of the video Jonathan is trying to force a bear to get up, but she refuses.

The person who recorded the clip, said: «When she was a tiny cub, Jonathan was one of her guardians. She had not seen him in many, many years, but recently he came to visit her to see if she will recognize an old friend». He added: «not only is She remembered Jonathan, but remembered the game they played when she was younger».

It is reported that Sonia can not be released into the wild, because it has long been grown bear lives in the Orphaned Wildlife Center. The reason it will never ever live wild animals not specified.