Kanye West goes to the President: the rapper is planning to run in 2024 and wants to change the name to Billionaire-Christian-genius

World famous rapper Kanye West has stated that he will run for President in 2024, and spoke about his new fashion line of biodegradable shoes made from algae.

Thursday, November 7, during a speech at the festival of innovation Fast Company in new York West revealed a series of strange and intriguing revelations that has become synonymous to his brand.

«I can officially change his name to Billionaire-Christian-the genius of Kanye West for a year,» said the rapper.

Then West switched to a different theme. When the performer said, «When I run for President in 2024…», hall of 500 people laughed.

«What are you laughing at?» asked West at this point, and continued: «We have created so many jobs!»

The event, which West made controversial statements, was devoted to his shoes the brand, developed in conjunction with leading designer Yeezy Steve Smith. Things made from a hybrid of Acetate (Tamarana) and the foam created from algae collected from ponds.

«Our goal is to return manufacturing to America, South America and North America, to bring it back to the States, and also to provide jobs for people returning here, said West. We crossed out the word «try» and just «do,» as said by Yoda.»

Tameran is a type of biodegradable plastic, which is flexible and resistant to UV radiation.

The presidential ambitions of the West was first announced in 2015 while the MTV Video Music Awards.