The star of the horror film was accused of this murder the next day after filming

30-year-old actress Aisling Tucker Moore reed, the character that shoots somebody in the upcoming horror film, was accused of a similar murder in real life just one day after the shooting.

The star of the horror film was accused of this murder the next day after filmingActress Aisling Tucker Moore Reed. Source: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

A former reporter will appear in the lead role Valerie Faust in the upcoming horror film «Out of darkness», reports the Mail Tribune.

The filmmakers claim that with the start of filming didn’t know what she was threatened with charges of manslaughter in connection with the death of her uncle in Jackson County (or) in 2016. Moore-Reid called the fatal incident self-defense.

While the woman began to appear, the investigators obtained the mobile phone footage that she shot during the murder of his uncle. In the end she was charged with the murder just a day after the shooting.

«We had absolutely no idea who she is, and these circumstances, the company said on its IndieGoGo page. — Please excuse us. We do our best to release this film, but we don’t want to offend anyone in this process».

Other members of the film also point out the eerie similarities between real gunfire and game actress.

«There’s a key scene where she shoots someone in a similar way,» said one of the sources CBSLA.

Moore-Reid was arrested and cannot make bail. The trial is set for next month.