A serious battle of the characters broke out between a cat and its owner for window blinds (video)

Stubborn cat got on video during the battle of the characters, unfolding against the background of the situation in which there will be window blinds – open or closed.

The survey was conducted in the house in Redding, California. Video red-and-white cat named carrot (which can be translated as «Carrot») is sitting on the windowsill behind the sofa and admiring the view from the window through the open blinds. But the owner of Carrot Nick, who is sitting next to another family pet — a dog, a few seconds reaches out and closes the blinds.

The cat in confusion, looks around, then calmly reaches out a paw and clings to the wooden blinds.

Carrot re-opens the blinds one short movement, and starts to stare out the window. Nick, however, is also not inferior and again tightly closes the blinds.

Another owner of Carrot Nicole, who just filmed this battle of characters laughing in the background.

Meanwhile, the stubborn cat decides to take control of the situation once and for all, opening both of the shutters, including the one where nick does not get to continue watching birds.

Shortly after this video ends.

Later commenting on the video, Nicole said: «My husband Nick and our cat carrot always fighting for control of the house. The cat is easy to reach out to all Windows in the house, but we keep the blinds closed in the living room that the dogs did not bark at everything they see. In the video you see Carrot that opens the blinds to watch birds. Nick quickly closes them down, but carrot did not leave, so he opens them again. My husband continues to close them. Finally, after carrot threw on nick malevolent murderous look, he re-opens the window, and the second, too, knowing that my husband had to touch. One point out Carratu, o – daddy».