Replaced the flowers puppies: instead of bouquets, the bride gave the bridesmaids the homeless puppies

When most people think about their dream wedding, we make romantic pictures of the sunset, classical composition and pigeons.

For this pair of Sarasota, Florida wedding dream included puppies. «We are actively involved in the life of the commune and we wanted to do something for her. Therefore, our choice fell on puppies from the local shelter,» — said Andy Krasinski.

Ten tiny brothers and sisters were born about 5 weeks ago. When Andi and Tina Krasinski were married in Florida on November 11, instead of bouquets of their girlfriends were holding puppies from the shelter.

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«Our animals are our children… So we treat them,» he told Good Morning America Tina.

Both girls share a love for man’s best friend. Tina lived a whole life with dogs taken from the shelter. And Andi has been working as General Director of the Bayside Pet Resort in Sarasota after many years working in dog shelters across the country. She contacted the shelter Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, which saves about 2,000 animals each year. At the shelter she was offered a fine idea. «It was fabulous… I contacted them and they just turned 10 puppies from one litter,» said Andi.

The couple says the puppies during the ceremony behaved for the most part great. «Only one bridesmaid a little wet hand,» laughs Andi.

The pair also says that puppies are great friends with their 3 year old daughter Carter. In addition, the late stage of the puppy helped to ease the tension at the ceremony. «During the exchange of vows, the puppy started whining and really helped us to calm down. We started to laugh together, to cry… It’s a little melted the ice and made me laugh,» says Tina.

The puppies coped so well that the pair have taken 1 of them home. It was named the swift after the singer, that loves Carter.

Geplaatst door Cami Zi Photography op Woensdag 13 november 2019

Krasinski now have 2 cats and 3 dogs. «About a year we took 4 animals,» says Tina. «But now enough. Now I want a baby,» says Andi.

Love struck puppies and other guests at the wedding, because 2 of the puppy will find a new home, as only a little older.

Geplaatst door Cami Zi Photography op Woensdag 13 november 2019

The couple hopes that their wedding will lead to the fact that their 4-legged bridesmaids will find a new home. And not only they, but all dogs from a shelter Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, says Tina.