Dad came up with an ingenious way to punish teenage daughter, and made her social media accounts mega

One dad from Texas became popular in the network once invented an ingenious way to punish his teenage daughter, while placing in social networks a lot of funny posts.

It all started when Larry Sumpter and Tonya Ford discovered that their 15-year-old daughter Madeline helped the boys to get in on the slumber party. As reported TODAY, instead of to invent the punishment, the couple gave their daughter a choice. «We said you can lose the phone for a month or spend 2 weeks without a phone, but we get full control over your social networks,» said the girl’s father.

Madeline chose the latter, but it is likely that she has regretted the decision.

«Change of power» in social networks began on 11 November and the parents of the teenager, especially her dad, went all out. Larry (43 years old) spent the last few days, laying in Instagram selfie crazy and taking daily dancing for applications for a short video TikTok.

One particularly ridiculous videos posted by TikTok account girls and which a man shared on his page on Facebook, showing how a dad in short shorts dances country song with my adult stepson. «Come on. Capture the social networks of parents — day 3! She should choose no phone for a month instead of 2 weeks, and access by parents to all her social networks!» — written post Larry. «This is the last video that I will share on FB, so go to her TikTok! Let’s hear it for hunter Tomlinson for their support!»

On one of the other video of dad dancing hip-hop dance with one of his friends and drawn in the captain’s hat, singing rap music with his family. Sumpter clearly began to enjoy his jokes.

«After the first day, Madeline said, «I changed my mind, I choose for one month», but I told her «No, I’m too invested in it. I have so many ideas. It will take 2 weeks»». Tonya Ford added: «He loves it. I think it will create your TikTok account when you’re done with it.»

In Instagram the punishment was as painful for girls. First, Sumpter and Ford shared a photo of Madeline, announcing that now the account is in their hands. «Expect stunning Instagram posts, Snapchats and TikToks from her parents,» they wrote.

Sumpter shared a selfie using ironic captions, such as «made me feel pretty. Maybe will remove later» and «I Wonder what Maddie is doing without his phone…»

It is impossible to predict what else preparing Larry, but apparently he has a few more days with social networks Madeline. It seems, then new fans will require to create your own account.