On video employees of the airport where hundreds of flights canceled due to snowstorm, make a snowman together

Staff airport Denver (Colorado) is probably «released» his internal Elsa, having made a snowman right on the landing field.

In touching video three workers rolling snow balls to make a snowman about standing next to the plane Frontier Airlines.

The eyewitness of this scene Abigail Ladd made a video and posted it on Instagram.


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Building a snowman at the Denver airport! ❤this ❤on!!! ☃on!!!

Publication from Abigail Ladd (@abigailladdcoach) November 26, 2019 at 1:20 PST

«Workers of the runway make a snowman in Denver airport. This is amazing. This is probably the cutest thing I saw today, says the girl behind the scenes. — Look at this teamwork! Yes, it’s a team effort, it’s the holiday season!».

Instagram users were fascinated by the video. One commentator wrote: «Oh, that’s so cute».
«How cool that you took it,» added another.

Airport officials sculpted snowman after the biggest November snow storm in Denver since 1994.
On Monday and Tuesday in some parts of the city dropped two feet of snow, and in some parts of Colorado to 2.75 feet.

According to meteorologists, November in Denver was the most snow early in the winter season since 2009. And snow was also the reason why airport workers could give a little more time building a snowman.

On Tuesday there was canceled more than 475 flights, dozens of flights were delayed after the airport has had about 7 inches of snow.

More than 1,100 passengers were forced to spend the night from Monday to Tuesday at the airport.