Loki abandoned the cat-vampire found a home and became a star of the Internet

The cat, which is nicknamed «vampire» because of her long, sharp canines, has become an Internet sensation after her owner shared a video of the pet in the social network.

Caitlin Koch (32) insists on the fact that its a cross between a Siamese cat named Loki (15) – gentle pet, despite her expression of a muzzle and sharp fangs, which caused the appearance of unusual nicknames.

Caitlin from Seattle Washington says her cat loves to cuddle and snuggle with her that «it’s almost annoying». «It’s almost annoying how much attention she needs sometimes!» she says. «But she loves me especially much, and if someone else also wants my attention, it will be bitten! In this sense, she is a real vampire!»

Caitlin took Loki from a shelter Chittenden County Humane Society 8 years ago when she saw a cat when I worked at the shelter, said Today . The shelter was forced to settle Loki, which was then called Angel, in the office of the employee, because the other cats attacked her.

«I was brought to the office and opened the drawer to show the cat that looked worried,» recalls Caitlin. «She curled up and stared at me with big blue eyes. The girls explained to me that she is shy, but sometimes expressed affection for some employees.»

In addition to its fangs like Dracula, Loki’s got the slightly protruding tongue and eyes that never closed completely. When she first met Caitlin, it was very nervous.

Caitlin says: «When I took Loki home, she wouldn’t let him touch you and not want to communicate. After several months, when I gave her the freedom of action and offered treats, she started to let me caress».

Now the woman says that her favorite Loki «the most friendly and loving cat I’ve ever had».

In 2015 Caitlin started to share photos and cat videos to Instagram, where she has accumulated more than 451 thousand subscribers.

The shots of Loki appears in different images. For example, in one photo she’s wearing a unicorn for Halloween and the rest with Caitlin and her dog Stella.