Mom, well, buy! In anticipation of the holidays resourceful mom shared a trick how to prevent a child begging for toys in the stores

The trick a single mom, which helps her easily convince the daughter to stop asking to buy all new toys in the stores during Christmas is a new parent life skill.

Christine watts from Washington last week shared on your Facebook is a smart strategy that has already become viral. «Again, my camera full of pictures of things that Emerson wants to get for Christmas,» wrote Christine in the post, sharing photos of their daughter posing with toys in stores. «Why, because you’re the most amazing parent stunt, and he stopped many tantrums! If you don’t already use this trick… listen to friends.»

Once again my camera roll is FULL of pictures of Emerson with every single thing she wants for Christmas. Why…because…

Kristina Watts Geplaatst door op Zondag 17 november 2019

Christine explained that every year before Christmas her daughter Amy wants to get everything she sees in stores. But since the woman came up with one clever move, she was able to take the crazy daughter about the toys under control.

What is the trick? You just need to do the.

«Stop for a second, please comment on the thing that shows the baby and say «let’s take a picture with this toy and send to Santa to let him know that you want her!»» says watts. «Please note: you can send the picture to Santa, grandma, anyone that it is comfortable for you at the moment. It all depends on you and can be different every time depending on the holiday or a regular day of shopping».

«Always please» — attributed it.

A simple but ingenious trick Christine appreciated other moms in the comments. «I like this idea, thanks for sharing!» wrote one commenter on Facebook. «Brilliant, and I admire your honesty!» — written by someone else. «Thank you, that’s exactly what we did on Saturday at Target,» wrote one mother, who shared the daughter, posing with a toy unicorn.

Obviously, many parents agreed with this. Viral post, Christine shared 50 thousand times and commented on by 15 thousand people.