Desperate stray dog brought people to help your puppy

Dog-mom, especially the homeless, usually do not allow anyone to get closer to their puppies. But even if they are suspicious people, these intelligent animals always know when people are trying to come to their aid.

A Reddit user with the nickname SkilloDeX shared a video which captures the moment when he responded to a desperate call for help to the mother of the puppies. The man was driving with my cousin down the road, when his attention was attracted by a stray dog. «She was very barking near the road, and when I got out of the car, she led me right to the puppies»,- he explained. There, in the alleyway, the men discovered that the head of one of the puppies stuck in a plastic container.

Was driving by and saw a dog barking at me , turns out one of his puppies was stuck from HumansBeingBros

When approached, the rescuers, the puppy started to whine in fear. But, like his mother, he seems to have quickly realized that going to make people. The puppy is relaxed and stood straight, while the man tried as accurately as possible to remove his head with a container. The mother of the puppies was watching the actions of people from a safe distance.

It took several attempts and careful effort, but finally, the container has been removed, freeing up the head of a dog. Adorable puppy and his brothers and sisters began joyfully wagging tails, thanks to the saviors.

As for the mother dog, then she softly barked at the men as if to say «Thank you for saving my child.»

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As explained by other users of the site a man, he was happy to help because in Iran the life of dogs is not easy. Unfortunately, he could not take them home, because his family would not allow. But other users said that it still made their lives a little better.

«To stay, to help and to show compassion – that’s how you start to change things for the better. Good begets good. You did the right thing,» wrote one person.

Another added: «Continue to make the world a better place by being yourself».