Passenger aircraft feigned illness to get the best seat on the flight

In Florida passenger jet was taken into custody after she feigned illness in an attempt to get the best seat on the flight.

As reported in American Airlines, the incident occurred on the flight, their subsidiaries American Eagle last Friday. A plane flying from Pensacola to Miami, returned to the airport around 6:26 a.m., about an hour after takeoff because a passenger «needed medical care».

According to an employee of the Department of public information of the police Department in Pensacola (Florida) Mike wood, shortly after takeoff one of the passengers (her name has not been disclosed) began to complain and ask for more size. When the airline announced that they were unable to offer her the best place she «got sick».

The pilot sent the plane back to Pensacola. However, upon arrival it turned out that the woman was sick and told her to get off the plane. She refused, then the crew had to call the police. According to law enforcement, all the other passengers disembarked normally.

The woman agreed to leave the plane only after a long conversation with the police and the chief pilot of the flight. 7:41 a.m. the plane took off to Miami for the second time.

According to wood, the woman was taken into custody and taken to a psychiatric hospital for examination in accordance with the Law Baker.

The Baker act is a local law of Florida, which allows officials to detain people who may harm themselves or others because of mental illness.

The woman was charged, but it can present later, after the conclusion of physicians, said the police Pensacola.