How to catch a cheating husband? Former mistress revealed 10 signs of cheating men

Lipstick on your collar – outdated way to identify her husband’s mistress. Instead, you should pay attention to the musical preferences of men.

Ex-girlfriend Claire Oak, Smith says cheerleaders have sudden changes in musical preferences. And she has her own reasons for wanting that women knew exactly what to look for. She still burned with shame due to the fact that allowed to «draw» themselves into the affair with a married man and father of 2 children. The girl claims that she was very ashamed for the pain she caused his unsuspecting wife. So now the 29-year-old girl tells about all the changes in the behavior of the lover who tried to hide the affair from his wife.

The girl met Jeremy (name changed) when he hired her to work together. Claire says: «We met in October 2013. He contacted me by email and said he wanted to hire me for your music business. My company provided my picture and now I suspect it was attracted by it. At that time I was lonely and vulnerable, I just ended a previous relationship. He was 35 years old, he was confident and seemed successful. He sent me a job, but we have a lot to communicate. A couple of months he asked me out. I was shocked to learn that he is married and has 2 young children, who were 3 and 5 years, as he actively flirted. But he said that he and his wife are getting divorced. I believed him because I liked him a lot».

The girl continues: «He lived with me for almost 2 weeks. Later I learned that the wife he said he was on a business trip. I began to suspect that he is not going to divorce, when he forbade me to call on his mobile. We were just talking on Skype late at night. I began to realize that becoming a mistress, but convinced myself that no one is doing bad because she doesn’t know about me. I thought mistresses are women who sit and constantly file their nails, not the modern smart women like me.»

The affair ended after a year. She remembers: «I called his wife. She asked Claire if it was true. I knew immediately who it was. She shouted «Stay away from my husband» and said that I ruined the family. I ended the conversation, shaking and crying. I felt awful, but didn’t drop it. The weeks passed and he never left her. I realized the truth that was necessary only for the intimate relationships; emotionally he took everything from me and gave nothing.»

Now Claire promises: «I will never be «another» woman. You need to have a heart of stone that misery, false promises and lies. You’re merely a prize symbol of midlife crisis, like a new car. As someone who understands these things, I have a list of tips to women in relationships know whether to change their man. At least if I can help other women, it would mean that in this relationship there was something positive.»

10 signs of infidelity men

  • Late nights

An important sign if your partner stays awake when you long gone to bed. It is very simply to contact the mistress via FaceTime or Skype at a time while the family sleeps.

  • Mysterious spending

If the other half took a new loan without your knowledge, be wary. Pay attention to accounts, cards, suddenly appeared. If he spends the money is not with you, then you need to ask, with whom does he do it?

  • Changing tastes

If the husband suddenly became interested in new music and songs downloads of groups that he did not know before, you need to be wary. This influence can come from someone whose opinion he values and who wants to impress.

  • The technical secrecy

If a man is hiding from you phone or laptop or set a new password, it can be a cause for concern.

  • Sarcasm

When a person is lying, he has little time to come up with a plausible story. The sarcasm allows you to get out, giving explanation to his wife.

  • Spends more time with a colleague female

Bell should be a large amount of time spent with a fellow woman, communicate with her online and joint working trip. «So Jeremy was hiding numerous meetings with me.»

  • New habits

New phrases, buzzwords or habits. If a man spends time with a young girl, he unconsciously adopts a lot of new phrases that have not used before.

  • New look

The man starts to have more pride in their appearance, buy new things, go on a diet or start going to the gym. He considered himself beautiful enough for you before, so why now he has doubts? Maybe he wants someone to impress?

  • Love life lost its spark

Many men, regardless of their duplicity, it is difficult to conduct intimate life at the same time with 2 women. It takes a lot of energy and planning, so that with the beginning of infidelity begins to suffer a certain area of life.

  • Emotional distance

A man stops to let you in on his plans, refuses to joint visits and weekends. «It’s a cliché, but it’s often a sign of middle age crisis – they believe that will return the youth with a young woman. I think married men often seek out women who seem vulnerable because they are easier to succumb to their charm. They often go through a period of depression or stress, and they need to make new emotions in life,» says Claire.