People, hitting the lottery jackpot of $14 million, six months later, I didn’t know and lost the win

Player from Arizona, in the summer of hitting the jackpot in the amount of $14.6 million, was to be announced until the end of Monday, December 2 or lose all those winnings. But the winner has not appeared.

At 17 o’clock on Monday evening was the deadline, and the representatives of the lottery still don’t know who bought the lucky ticket.

«It is extremely rare that the winner of such a big win is not declared», — said the representative of the lottery of Arizona, Jacqueline Keidel Martinez.

5, unknown person guessed all six numbers in the game, The Pick, and he had 180 daysto claim the prize.

In this state the unclaimed jackpot was a record. The previous record was Pick a jackpot of $4 million, which was played in 1999.

«For the Arizona lottery there is nothing more exciting than handing out such a large jackpot, so we are always a little upset when the prize remains unclaimed,» said Executive Director of the Arizona lottery Gregg Edgar.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Circle K store at 315 N. Litchfield Road, Goodyear, approximately 18 miles West of downtown Phoenix.

Since the winner did not show up, the win will go to other draws, and also on financing of state programs for children, victims of violence, and education of native Americans.

«These dollars will Fund a lot of beneficiaries who will have a huge impact on our community,» added Gregg Edgar.