Adorable puppies found living inside a dead sheep on top of a snowy mountain

Adorable puppies that lived inside a dead sheep on top of a snowy mountain, saved a couple of concerned people.

Luxurious snow-white puppies breed the Pyrenean mountain dog noticed friends riding a snowmobile on a Monte Cristo in West haven, Utah, USA on Saturday. Cory Holt and kat Perry were enjoying a snow day when I noticed not the best-looking adult female Pyrenean mountain dog. Friends thought she had recently given birth and decided to save her, but are unable to do it. Corey and kat also decided that there should be puppies, and were very happy to find them when he returned to the mountain the next day.

Kath Perry said: «the Puppies were cold, shaking and wet. They just look like small lumps of ice». Friends noticed that the mother of the puppies was all the time nearby, but she was still too shy to let to save her, because they left 20 pounds of dog food to help her survive. Tell me all the news publishing KSTU, kat added: «I’m not going to leave the animal on the mountain to starve, especially if she were definitely puppies. Everything was fine except to save the mother. They lived in the body of the sheep. Mom found a dead sheep and eat it. She had nothing left but some hair and a few large bones. I’m sure that’s what she has been eating all autumn.»

***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT***The three Great Pyrenees puppies found half-frozen in the wilderness are NOT with…

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The couple believes that the Pyrenean mountain dog, probably instructed the guards herds of sheep from predators in the summer. They think she could leave to give birth to puppies at the same time, when it came to the shepherd.

Holt and Perry believe 2 boys and a girl survived after the dog gave birth to a greater number of puppies. They want to keep one of them, who was named polar, and the rest will find a home with a shelter for Pyrenean mountain dogs. It is unknown what happened to her puppies.