The wife threatened her husband with divorce, when he decorated the whole kitchen wrapping paper

These photographs show what can get some people in their desire to play someone.

Carl, the husband of 36-year-old Nicola Mullen-king, spent 2 hours wrapping the entire kitchen, including every fruit, a Board for cutting food and cooking utensils, to amuse his wife and child.

Carl (34) told Nikola about his madcap plans to draw in the style of popular American Christmas tradition called «Elf on the shelf» on Monday evening, but, of course, she decided that he was joking. However, putting max’s son (6 years old) to bed, Nicola went downstairs and found everywhere wrapping paper and decided to join a crazy idea Carla. After 2 hours and 6 rolls of paper, the pair completely changed the look of their kitchen. Nicola shared a photo of the «final product» on Facebook, attributing a joke «after 2 hours of work and the inevitable divorce.»

My arsehole of a husband came up with the bright idea for us to wrap part of the kitchen for elf on the shelf ….. 2…

Geplaatst door Nichola Mullen-King op Maandag 2 december 2019

In the post, which has gained 44 thousand comments and shared by 46 thousand people, she added: «the Idiot even once again stuck in the socket air freshener».

Nicola explained: «Max didn’t want the elf came back this year, as it believes that because of him he had a problem with Santa. But on Saturday at the last minute he changed his mind, gave Carlo an interesting idea. I assumed Carl was just joking when he offered to wrap the whole kitchen in brown paper. But when I read max’s book and put him to bed, he asked me to help him. I couldn’t stop laughing when we both were panicking that max can Wake up the noise. I joked that the divorce is inevitable if he continued to «shush» me.»

Max was «absolutely dumbfounded» what happened and complained to parents, «Why do I all the time gets a naughty elf?»

Nicola admits that she was shocked by the public reaction, saying, «I shared photos with friends and family, because I couldn’t believe we really did it. When I saw how many times the article was shared on the following morning, I could not believe it.»

After drawing it took them 40 minutes to remove the paper, and a couple even had to remove the wrapping on each egg, which they wrapped. Fortunately, the entire wrapper will go to Christmas gifts, so it is not lost.