Newlyweds during honeymoon almost burned alive in a volcanic eruption

American pair of newlyweds during honeymoon of your dreams in New Zealand received very serious burns as the result of a volcanic eruption.

Newlyweds Matthew and Lauren Yuri from Richmond (Virginia) went on a tour to white island (White Island) with the cruise liner of Royal Caribbean, when the volcano began to erupt.

36-year-old Matthew was airlifted to a hospital in Christchurch. The doctors diagnosed men has burns over 80% of the body. 32-year-old Lauren underwent surgery in a hospital in Auckland, she burns more than 20% of the body.

Newlyweds during honeymoon almost burned alive in a volcanic eruptionPhoto: Facebook

Matthew even had the strength to leave a voice message for her mother. The man said that he and Lauren «very badly burned».

«I called Matthew’s mother and said that he left her a voice message saying that they were on the tour, there was a volcanic eruption, and they were very badly burned,» said the Washington Post Barbara Barham, mother of Lauren.

The American couple was among 31 people were hospitalized after the eruption.
According to preliminary information, 5 people were killed and 8 others remain missing. Among the dead or missing, most of the tourists from USA.

Among the missing well – known New Zealand 24-year-old tour guide at white island Tipene Maangi.
«We hope that he may have found the cave, but, knowing him, he first would help the others, but then I thought about myself,» said his grandmother.

White island, also known as Whakaari, is the most active volcano in New Zealand. He erupted in 2016 and 2012, and from December 1975 to September 2000.

Despite the activity of the volcano, white island is visited by over 10,000 people per year.