«Nothing comes from nothing and will not get»: the teacher decided to leave hungry children brought treats on the sweet table

The rules of the teacher in relation to the so-called sweet table at Christmas, criticized and called insensitive after the teacher sent parents a letter in which npisaa that children who do not bring to the occasion something of treats, nothing will be allowed to eat.

A photo of the letter shared by the Reddit user, who wrote: «the Teacher has introduced a rule that prohibits children who are unable to bring something to the table during a holiday on the occasion of Christmas.»

The letter said: «Dear parents, Thursday 19 December 2019, we will host a Christmas celebration. It was decided that your child will bring (there was a space in which you can specify the product). I need treats to Wednesday 18 December 2019».

Then in bold was highlighted in the words: «My position is that if they did not do, then nothing will get food.»

A teacher having a policy that forbids kids unable to bring anything to not eat at a CHRISTMAS PARTY. from trashy

Users of the site are not too positively responded to the strict rule of the teacher. «Oh My God! The teacher could even write this? What is it?» wrote one commentator. «Teachers need to understand that not everyone has the extra money,» wrote someone else. «My mother grew up poor, so every time I needed money for school trip or appetizers to the sweet table, she always gave us extra because there is always a child who can’t afford it». «The real meaning of Christmas: force poor kids to watch eat the rich,» wrote another Reddit user.

Someone else joked: «With what pleasure I would be dancing, went to the classroom on the day of the festival with about 30 pizzas in the style of Oprah. Here’s your pizza and you get pizza, all pizza!!!»

Another woman who indicated that she works as a teacher, called the letter «ridiculous» and shared the story of how she dealt with the question of the holiday in school.

«I sent a message to the Facebook group of moms from my class asking to help,» she said. «By the time I had a lesson and went back to look, did not answer anyone, moms have teamed up and planned to bring a huge amount of snacks and games for children. It was amazing and I was so happy I could cross it off my to do list,» added the teacher. «My guys will have a wonderful holiday, and I will not ruin by organizing it.»