The attempt of the Pope to play the daughter of «the worst gift» turned out to be a surprise for him

This child knows how to respond to gifts.

The young father wanted to see what would happen if he handed daughter «the worst» Christmas gift, which might think. But instead of tears, the girl responded simply amazing.

Twitter user justice Mojca recently posted a video of his daughter, opening the gift. He signed the video: «I tried to give her daughter a worst Christmas gift, did not expect such a reaction».

Apparently, Justin decided that «worst» Christmas present will serve as a banana. Surprisingly, his daughter did not agree and, judging by her reaction, a banana can be the best Christmas present.

I Tried Giving My Daughter The Worst Xmas Gift Ever & I Didn’t Expect This Reaction 😢

— LGND (@iamlgndfrvr) December 20, 2019

Other users of the social network also was amazed at the reaction of the girls on the show. One person said, «When I was a kid, probably her age, I loved bananas so much that my parents put them in my socks from Santa. And it was wonderful. It’s so cute».

Another user has shared a similar experience: «My dad did the same thing with oranges! Still does.»

Someone took it more philosophically, writing: «the Mind of every young child is a precious and wonderful. They just know how to create happiness. Happiness is free and it all. Whatever is happening, all search for happiness is that you have until you find what you need».

«But the gratitude and joy of this child is the best gift that we can ask!» — written by someone.

Obviously, this reaction is not as rare as one dad wrote: «One of the surprises of parenthood for me was the fact that children actually don’t like toys, they just love to open gifts.»

Of course, there were people who said that the bananas in recent years have begun to appear increasingly in the headlines, writing: «the world had a similar reaction to the banana», and made a leafless world photo of the banana taped to the wall at the exhibition Art Basel, which sold for $120 thousand.