In the video, the octopus Maori embraced the diver’s face

A lover of freediving from Australia met with a representative of the wildlife much closer than perhaps she wanted, after outgoing octopus hugged her face. Video this gentle expression of feelings since then became viral in the social network.

«When a huge octopus Maori wants a kiss, what will you do? You will allow him to kiss you,» — said in the caption to the Instagram video posted on Wednesday freediver Julia Casey. In the video Julia swims in the water and trying to remove the octopus – Maori 3 the world’s largest octopus – on camera.

However, the meeting becomes more interesting than expected girl, when an octopus hugging her mask as a «face-crab thing» from a sci-Fi movie «Alien» in an apparent attempt to «kiss». Luckily, freediver managed to Dodge, before her new friend could get her stranglehold.

The underwater «kiss» happened when Julie Casey and her friend engaged in freediving, that is submerged without oxygen tanks in the Bay of Port Phillip, South Australia.

Without going into details, the unusual incident with the girl, caused a surge of emotions in Instagram. «I can’t believe what a beautiful animal. Octopus so curious!»,- surprised wrote one commenter. «He’ll leave you lots of lipstick kisses,» joked someone else.

However, it was not like that clam was going to repeat the movie «Shape of water» with a girl. Peter Godfrey-Smith, Professor of philosophy at the University of Sydney, said that octopuses are very curious creatures who love to explore, to evaluate the surrounding space.

And in the light of encounters with octopus, diver, Julia Casey is much more fortunate than that bold eagle, the octopus was nearly dragged under the water last month in Canada.