A Jewish family that was removed from the flight «because of the smell,» has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines

Family from Michigan has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines after an incident in Miami in January of last year.

Yehuda Yosef Adler, his wife Jenny and their baby daughter were removed from a flight at Detroit. The family claims that the airline made «offensive remarks» about their Orthodox Jewish faith.

According to representatives of American Airlines, the decision to remove the family from the flight was not based on religion. The company argued that the passengers complained about the smell from Mr. Adler.

The man said that his family was sitting in the plane less than five minutes when one of the crew members told them that there was an emergency situation and need to leave the plane.

The lawsuit States that the employee of American Airlines made a «derogatory» statement, noting that he «knew that Orthodox Jews take a shower only once a week.»

Family Adler approached the people at the gate and asked them if I feel those unpleasant body odor. According to the family, they interviewed about 20 people, and all replied in the negative. Mr. Adler added that they took a shower that day.

They rented a hotel room and the next morning sent for the flight to Detroit.

In a statement the airline for Fox News said that the family Adler was «asked to leave the plane after several passengers and crew members complained about the smell of the bodies of Mr. Adler. The decision was taken because of concerns about the comfort of other passengers».

«None of the decisions taken by our team when resolving a difficult situation, was not based on religion,» — said in American Airlines.