Instagram bloggers are using coronavirus to increase its popularity

Instagram bloggers who are eager to increase popularity, use the hashtag coronavirus for their posts.

On Friday, January 31, Chinese authorities have confirmed that a mysterious and deadly pathogen, emerged in Wuhan, has infected approximately 9 800 people and caused 213 deaths in 21 countries. The world health organization called the outbreak «unprecedented» on Thursday, January 30, has declared a state of emergency in public health.

But despite such dire statistics, and concerns influencer in Instagram are the increased attention to this topic, adding #coronavirus in their posts.

While some of the nearly 200 000 posts attached to the hashtag associated with a deadly disease, the other includes photos of men and women who flaunt a mask or make vulgar gestures.

«Fucking coronavirus,» wrote the star social networking Logan Paul, followed by 17.1 million followers on Instagram.

«Say NO to #coronavirus, wash your hands with soap and water,» wrote @din0chka in Instagram and added «do not touch» to your eyes, nose and mouth, using emoticons instead of words. In the photo she was dressed in a pink and black mask, crouching down in front of graffiti in Miami.

Russian bloggers also put pictures of the masks, dedicating posts to the deadly virus.

Fortunately, Instagram has remained a bit of humanity. In the post Sex one commentator wrote: «I don’t think it’s funny when people die.»

«Dude, it’s not funny. It spreads around the world,» criticized another.

According to the Global Times, a live webcast of the construction of hospitals in Wuhan for victims of coronavirus has collected more than 40 million viewers.