A woman found missing 3 years ago the dog after seeing her photo on a beer can

The Minnesota resident knew his dog, who was reported missing for 3 years when I saw her picture on the can of beer brewery Motorworks Brewing in the County of Manatee, Florida.

Monica Mathis says she just sat in Facebook when I saw a viral story about dogs who are looking for their home and whose photographs were shown on the cans for beverages brewery in Florida. «I saw one of the dogs on the Bank and think, «Oh, God, she’s like my dog»,» told Monica.

The woman said that the dog shelter named Dei Dei looked like a dog that she had as a puppy. She says her furry family member has gone missing from her home in Iowa in 2017. «I looked for her, called the shelters, but were unable to find her. In the end I moved to Minnesota,» says Monica.

«She looked at the article, saw our name and called us,» said Hans Volgofarm of service of catching of homeless animals Manatee County Animal Services. Hans said that they checked and made sure that Dei Dei really was a microchip with the name Monica, but her last name has changed and the information was outdated. The woman was able to provide the necessary documents to confirm that Dei Dei really her dog, which she knows as hazel. «As soon as I got the confirmation, I just could not believe it was my dog,» recalls Monica.

It is unknown how hazel got from Iowa to Florida.

«It’s just such a happy and amazing story,» said Hans.

At the shelter admitted that even the chances that Dei Dei (hazel) will be one of 4 dogs that will be on cans of drink, was low.

«She was lucky to already be in the Bank, and well that story went viral and her family learned about it from most of Minnesota,» said pam Frenzy of shelter Shelter Manatee.

«We are very pleased that the owner of the dog from Minnesota to return the dog after 3 years due to the fact that we have made,» said Denise Tsida, one of the founders and President of the brewery Motorworks Brewing.

«The opportunity to see her again and the house is amazing. I’m just really excited to get it back,» said Monica.

Manatee County Animal Services will take hazel to Minnesota next week. Transport of a dog in another state will be paid by shelter Shelter Manatee.