Hundreds of tourists are trapped and cut off from civilization after the disaster in New Zealand

Hundreds of tourists and employees of the hotel are trapped in a remote new Zealand area of Milford Sound, where on Monday declared a state of emergency after torrential rains and severe flooding.

For 60 hours in the area fell more than a meter of rain.

According to preliminary information, around 200 visitors and 200 staff are safe, with adequate food supply. They will be evacuated from the area on Wednesday, when weather conditions will become less severe, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

It is also reported that about 30 tourists stuck in the hut, which was affected by a landslide near the lake Gouden. Evacuations of tourists began on Tuesday.

Hundreds of tourists are trapped and cut off from civilization after the disaster in New ZealandThe Fiordland national Park is included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO

According to MetService, the national weather service of New Zealand in the next couple of days is expected to rain.

«We expect that in the coming days will drop about 300-350mm (14 inches) of precipitation», — said the MetService.

MetOffice have released their first ever «Red alert» for the region Westland and Fjordland, which indicates the extreme weather conditions, and severe destruction in the area.

The Milford road (state highway 94), the only road leading to Milford Sound will be closed all week.

The Milford Sound located in Fiordland national Park on South island. The Park is on the list of world heritage of UNESCO. This is one of the most popular tourist centers of the country.

Last month about 1,000 tourists trapped in the South island after landslides and floods in the coastal towns of Fox Glacier and Franz Josef. Then the area experienced heavy thunderstorms, and one day there were about 300,000 lightning strikes.