Friends noticed on selfie girls spider hiding in her hoodie

The girl who sent selfie to your friends after a wild party, did not notice the creepy detail in the photo, until she pointed at her friends.

Olivia Nunn was out of town on vacation with her friends after the party and did what many do – sent a picture of tired faces in the group chat to demonstrate their hangover.

The girl was wrapped in a cozy hoodie, waiting for the pain will pass.

But Olivia didn’t notice that in the picture with her posing for someone else, and her keen friends quickly notice this and told the girl that she was not alone. It turns out that the hood that Olivia pulled a face, obviously to hide from the bright light, has become a refuge for a huge spider.

Olivia Nunn, who was feeling slightly worse for wear after a big night out with the girls, sent a selfie to the group chat — but had failed to notice an unwelcome guest hiding in her hood

— Harry (@Jamess12316) February 6, 2020

Girls in group chat was terrified and one of them, grace Graham shared the story on Twitter, he probably didn’t like Olivia in her hangover. Attaching a photo showing a huge spider, hiding a few inches away from your eyes girl, grace, wrote: «it’s been 24 hours, but I still can’t get over hangover selfie Olivia sent in group chat, and a spider lurking in her hood».

The post managed to collect more than 47 thousand likes and 3,700 comments, because many were shocked by this picture. One said, «my soul could fly out of the body.» The second said: «I set Fire to himself». Another commenter wrote: «the Fact that she’s in a bind, like Ryan Reynolds in «Buried alive.» Nowhere to run. You cannot remove the hood. You can’t move, can’t blink, nothing.»

And one man shared a similar experience, noting the photo of the spider that crawled down the collar of his sweaters during a photo shoot and he added: «Know, trust me.»

Fortunately during all this hysteria one man could remain calm Olivia. Answering a friend who asked how she feels «after this injury,» she just said, «Okay, to be honest, spiders are my friends.»