Bulldog Padg tried to fight with the sofa cushion that looks just like her (video)

Surly bulldog was prevented by the cushion, which reminded the dog itself that it began to growl and bark at the piece of furniture. Interestingly, the pillow I lay on the couch the whole 3 days, before the dog noticed her and decided that she hates it.

Funny video shows how adorable the girl bulldog Padg, which is now 3 years old, bent in a slight bow, placing his head on a gray sofa near the pillow, depicting a bulldog. Suddenly the little dog gets very irritated and starts to growl incessantly. She then makes several sharp attacks against the pillows, expecting that she would answer her in the same bark. Instead, the pillow, which depicts similar to Padg the bulldog remains relaxed and stationary, Padg even more confusing.

Video shot loving owner of the animal and pillow Lindsay Weinstein in her home in Mashpee, Massachusetts, demonstrates how at first she’s talking to someone. Lindsay then Padg interrupts, asking: «Padg, what happened?» Lindsay with a laugh, says: «the Pillow was laying there a couple of days, but she didn’t notice her. This evening she decided that she hates it».

Bulldog continues to bark at «aggressive» pillow, and her tirade is interrupted only of Lindsay’s voice, which asks «Padg, what happened?»

The dog then straightened up, looked directly into the camera as she lay down again on the sofa, turning away from the pillow with a defeated look.

Some commentators were quick to Express their opinion about the video. Somebody wrote that the dog was not really mad at the pillow, and just leaned in motion, meaning that it invites her to play. Other users also talked about their Pets and the things they don’t like in the house. «Padg pretty. My dog also does not like the pillow with the image of a wolf on it,» admitted one girl.