«Alien» a creature with a sting climbed into the car men, was a caterpillar to butterfly

Flexible, «alien» a creature with 6 paws and fur on the body was discovered in the car in the Parking lot after the driver leave the car with the Windows open.

A frightening discovery was made by Tommy Hartmann in Charleston, South Carolina, who shared a video of a strange creation in the social network. And, as experts assure, Tommy was lucky that the creature does not «stung» him.

The man recalls: «It looked alien. Like something between a squid and a lobster. It was slow and clumsy. I had no idea who this is.»

Someone claimed that a creature with a hairy body, 6 legs and a similar shape of the head was a butterfly of the genus Phobetron family of sliznevo. Eric Day, an entomologist from Virginia tech confirmed that it was a butterfly and if you touch her in the form of tracks, it can hurt. «The larva I would not touch at all», he added.

«At the stage of the caterpillar human reaction may vary, but the majority, at least, there is a red rash. Often there is a kind of blister. It is unpleasant and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t have approached her if I could avoid it».

He continues: «the Stinger is a weapon of protection. They avoid predators and parasites. Many of the small caterpillars are parasitic wasps. They also eat birds, so they need protection.»

He added that 6 feet of a creature is not quite what it seems. «It’s not arms or legs. This part of the body that will eventually disappear. They can be a protection factor. If someone will touch the caterpillar, they will disappear. Other creatures, too, have such a feature, when they drop the tail, but unable because of this to survive.»

He adds: «In the United States caterpillars feed on trees of cherry, Apple, chestnut, birch, ash. You can find them in different places. However, they are not very common. We report them, maybe once in a few years. I’ve never found them personally.»

Mr. Hortman believes that the butterfly fell on his car from the tree. «I sat in the car to go to work. My window was slightly ajar, so she probably fell out of a tree and hit the car through the open window.»