The girl realized that the chilli is sharp, only when I started there

The little girl was confused when you decided to treat yourself to a jalapeno pepper, but he was very sharp. Mom shot the entire incident on video and shared it on a social network, where he encountered criticism from people who have decided that chili is not the best food for these young children.

The shooting was made by the mother of 2 children Jenny Jean in their family home in Rancho Cordova, California, in January.

In a video of her 2-year-old daughter Arwen standing in the kitchen in a pink Onesie and holding a jalapeno pepper in his left hand. Jenny asks her «What have you?» when Arwen proudly shows her green chili, which she has managed to take a bite. The child again puts jalapenos in her mouth and continues to chew her nonchalantly. She repeatedly shows the pepper maternal and dancing on the spot.

Jenny asks the daughter if she likes pepper, and Arwen confidently nods her head. Then she adds: «It is very sharp.» The little girl shakes her head again and bites off a huge piece of pepper with a loud crunch.

She continues to enjoy the pepper and dance, until they suddenly stopped. From Arwen’s eyes grow, and her mom adjusts the camera to zoom in and better to remove the girl’s face. Her mouth trembles a bit before she glances at mom. The child begins to cough heavily, and then spits out half-chewed jalapeno in his right hand.

The video ends with the fact that Jenny takes daughter remaining pepper.

The video was originally posted in Facebook Jenny Jin, and a YouTube channel dedicated to Arwen and her 5-year-old sister Madeleine.

Users of the social network clip met some criticism, saying that it is dangerous to give the children to eat chili peppers. But the mom of 2 children assures critics that Arwen was right after he spit out the remains of the pepper and that she even tried to ask for a Supplement.