The Antarctic was the highest temperature in history — more than 18°C

The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarcticawas recorded on Thursday, January 6, at the remote station.

According to scientists from the meteorological Agency, the temperature at the Argentine research station Esperanza was about +18,3 °C. Is more than the previous record of 17.5 °C, mounted on 24 March 2015 in the same place. Temperature records in this place began to record in 1961.

A new record means that the temperature was almost the same as in San Diego (CA). Now in the southern hemisphere summer, but still very unusual that the temperature in Antarctica one of the coldest places on Earth — almost the same as in southern California.

The Antarctic Peninsula, which was fixed anomaly is one of the most rapidly warming regions in the world. In just the last 50 years the temperature has risen sharply by 5 degrees. Approximately 87% of glaciers along the Western coast of the Peninsula has broken away.

#Antártida | Nuevo récord de temperaturas 🌡on!!!

Este mediodía la Base #Esperanza registró un nuevo récord histórico (desde 1961) de temperatura, con 18,3°C. Con este valor se supera el récord anterior de 17,5°C en del 24 marzo de 2015. Y no fue el único récord…

— SMN Argentina (@SMN_Argentina) February 6, 2020

According to CNN, seen here warming has serious global implications, especially for the millions of people living on the coasts of the world that are vulnerable to sea level rise.

«This warming was especially fast on the Antarctic Peninsula — where the Esperanza, wrote Eric Steig, glaciologist studying climate change at the University of Washington. — Thus, we can expect that similar phenomena will be established again and again, even if it doesn’t happen every year.»

The Antarctic was the highest temperature in history — more than 18°CAntarctica, Esperanza. Source: wikimedia

January was the warmest in history, according to the group at the Copernicus atmospheric monitoring. In some regions of Eastern Europe, particularly in Ukraine and Russia this figure is above average at 12-13 degrees.

«Although there is variability from decade to decade, the main trend in most of the continent is warming,» says Steig.

Scientists predict that in the coming days on the Antarctic Peninsula, perhaps even one of extreme warming.