91-year-old actor and comedian Orson Bean was killed after he was hit by a car in Los Angeles

Actor and comedian Orson Bean was killed after it knocked down car in Los Angeles. He was 91.

Death of a celebrity was confirmed on Saturday, February 8. The office of coroner County of Los Angeles said it is investigating his death in a car accident.

91-year-old actor and comedian Orson Bean was killed after he was hit by a car in Los AngelesOrson Bean. Source: wikimedia

Bean died on Friday, February 7, in a coastal area of Los Angeles — Venice crossing the street.

According to police, got into his car and he fell. After that the second driver ran into him.

Early in his career, in the 50’s and 60’s, Mr. Bean was omnipresent on television. He was a frequent guest of Jack Paar and johnny Carson in The Tonight Show, regularly starred in a Comedy-drama TV series, and in 1954 became the host of his own variety show on CBS The Blue Angel. He also participated in productions on Broadway.

In 1964, fascinated by the theory of progressive education, he created a small school in Manhattan, 15th Street School, in which classes and most of the rules were optional, so the kids could do whatever they want.

Believing that American generals were planning an imminent coup, Bean left his thriving career and moved with his family to Australia in 1970.

In 1971, the Bin returned to America with his wife and four children. For many years he led a nomadic life as an aging hippie, rejecting material goods in search of fulfillment.

By 1980, he got bored with the inaction. He was back in the spotlight, appearing in television movies, series and shows.

From Bina is survived by his wife Ellie mills and four children.