Young parents were in the frame when, arm in arm, fell asleep during the photo shoot baby

Being a parent of a newborn can be very difficult, and many parents try to sleep as soon as they have an opportunity, even in the middle of a newborn photo shoot in a photo Studio.

Photographer Sarah Jankowski from Georgia did pretty pictures of the child when he saw that his mom and dad just fell asleep. Inspired by the photographer was able capture this moment showing a baby curled up in the foreground, while his exhausted parents slept on the couch a few feet away from him.

Geplaatst door Simply Joyful Moments Photography op Woensdag 12 februari 2020

«Mom and dad told me that the child often causes them to stay awake and they were very tired. This is their first child, so it’s unusual for them» — said Sarah Kidspot. She told them to relax and just enjoy looking at the photo shoot, but before she had time to notice how it happened, they are already fast asleep.

Although Sarah was not surprised. «I try to create in the Studio a warm and pleasant environment for children with dim lights and white noise, so it is very quiet and relaxing place,» she said.

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Geplaatst door Simply Joyful Moments Photography op Vrijdag 24 januari 2020

She said that it was «the most beautiful sight to» see «these exhausted parents, sleeping in each other’s arms».

After her assistant Amanda Walker pointed to the sleeping pair, she took pictures to show them later. «You could see that they really need to get some sleep because we Wake up» she said, adding that it «deserved» sleep.

They woke up after 45 minutes and was «very happy» that he got the opportunity to relax a bit.

Sarah, herself a mother of 4 children, admitted that «this is not the first time», when the parents fell asleep in her Studio, although usually covered only the Pope.

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Geplaatst door Simply Joyful Moments Photography op Vrijdag 17 januari 2020

The photographer shared the funny photo to Facebook, where it received many comments from other parents, able to enter into the situation of young moms and dads. «That’s awesome! Great photo and I’m glad that mom and dad can get some sleep. They probably haven’t slept since before pregnancy,» wrote one commenter.