Traveler captured in the mountains is a rare phenomenon that is similar to the «angel in heaven»

Traveler admiring the nature in the National Park the Peak district when I noticed a strange phenomenon: rainbow light, which is scattered in fog and clouds created a bizarre figure, similar to the «angel in heaven».

Actually, it’s a rare phenomenon called «Braginski Ghost», also known as the «mountain Ghost.» It was first noticed in the eighteenth, in Germany, in the city of broken — in honor of which got its name. This effect occurs when light from the sun’s rays falls on the surface of the clouds and mountain fog (in this case, the man should stand back on the sun). As a rule, a shadow surrounded by a rainbow glow, under the name «Gloria», which is caused by the refraction and reflection of light.

It is the «mountain Ghost» captured on 7 February, 33-year-old traveler and photographer Lee Hodl on the mountain mam tor.

«It was a really special moment,» says Lee. «When I got up on mam tor, I happened to look left and there arose Brokensky a Ghost. My shadow looked huge, it was in a circular rainbow. I took a few photos and continued on. It was magical, like an angel in the sky above the hills.»

Lee enjoys photography and regularly visits the Peak district to practice your favorite hobby. The man says he was happy to witness a rare phenomena and make stunning photos.

«I never in my life have never seen this before, only once read online. It really is amazing, I am very happy to capture this magical moment.»