One of the most ancient in the world of Valentine, 1818 re-found after 20 years

People used to write a lot more serious Valentines.

One of the vintage Valentines in the world has recently been re-discovered after 2 decades she spent in the album. The letter in which the man explains the feelings of the beloved, was originally written in 1818. This is a wonderful and wonderfully romantic message, which was written and decorated in the spirit of those times. This is one of the world’s oldest Valentines, which were printed and sent by mail.

The letter was purchased 20 years ago by Gavin Litura, who told the news publication of South West News Agency.

«I’m a little romantic, and only one conversation about this Valentine kindle my love for it,» he said. «It’s beautiful, very nice, actually».

He does not say how many have paid for a Valentine, but notes that «it was expensive at the time. King of great Britain of the Hanoverian dynasty George III was on the throne when it is beautifully decorated letter was created by Dobbs of London more than 200 years ago. This is one of the earliest Valentines that were sent by mail, and which survived until our days.»

The postcard style, which was adopted once written:

From someone who at the onset of the next Valentine’s Day, looking forward to enjoying when they realized his hopes; and on the altar of hymen (the Greek God of love), he will receive the hand together with the heart of the one to whom he has feelings – not wild and romantic love, which takes place after a short acquaintance – and the love that increases, not decreases with time.

Perhaps it’s time to raise writing Valentines to a new level in comparison with the usual picture of Garfield that will tell your sweetheart that this year it is better than lasagna.