Offer hands and hearts of guys discuss for a long time, after all, a romantic gesture caught on Google Maps

Offer hands and hearts of men from Central Germany came to the picture taken from the air, which is used Google Maps, which surprised both the guy and his bride. The young man wrote, «You want to marry me?» in a corn field, according to local media. He was hoping to make it so that the girl saw when she was piloting the drone. But his proposal saw a lot more people than he expected.

Offer hands and hearts of people in Germany have attracted more attention than he planned when he saw done with the air photo on Google Maps.

German news dpa reported on Wednesday that the 32-year-old farmer Stephen Schwartz used the machine to work in a corn field in such a way that gaps formed the words, «You want to marry me?» Schwartz said that last may, he persuaded his girlfriend to use the drone, which flew above a field in Huttenberg in Central Germany, showing a romantic gesture. The girl said the man «Yes.»

Stephen told dpa that he did not plan and did not expect that the photo will appear on the popular service with Google maps. He didn’t know about it before his aunt from Canada had told him about it by sending a screenshot.

The inscription is created using sowing machines dragged on almost 2 acres in length. Mr. Schwartz stated the girl that he had seen on the wild boar and asked her to check with the dispatch of the drone. «She saw the inscription, because the drone has risen not too high. But when she saw the issue and understood everything, she immediately said Yes,» said Stephen.

Schwartz and his fiancee plan to get married in June, and they want to use the drone, this time to do wedding pictures.