A tourist has risked his life to rescue a photo in Instagram and sat down on the edge of a 3000 foot cliff

A tourist vacationing in Brazil, he risked his life for the perfect frame to Instagram and sat down on the edge of a 3,000-foot cliff. Hope girls that chosen song will attract the attention of users, justified — but not quite in the sense that their progenitors blogger.

An unknown lover of extreme sports filmed on the rock of Pedra da Gávea neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. In the video, presumably made by her companion, is seen as a tourist sits on the edge of a cliff, then Zaitsev moving out below — and then finally being happy with the chosen spot, throwing his hands up in a triumphant gesture.

Fortunately for tourists, in the course of the movie, neither she nor anyone else was injured — which did not prevent users of social networks to unleash her outrage instead of the coveted likes (although their number far exceeded 114 thousand).

«Even if you succeed to catch such a «cool shot», not abuses, it will still be a crappy photo. writes one commenter — Obviously, you risked your life and possibly the lives of those who were at that moment downstairs for the picture».

«It’s not worth it. The only thing I see in the picture — a narcissistic idiot».

«I have this video escalated anxiety disorder,» complains another.

«To risk their lives for a single photo or video? — outraged the other — She either secretly wants to die or just crazy.»

Alas, the unnamed tourist is not the only one who risks life for a spectacular picture on Pedra da Gávea. In social networks every day, dozens of photos taken at the edge of the cliff the lovers of extreme sports. And although they seem to be absolutely self-confident, the statistics speak in favor of installmenu: 2011 to 2017 259 people worldwide died trying to catch a good frame for social networks.