In California, the newborn was born in a leap day, sharing the occasion with its own Pope

Little Camila was born in the Sacramento area on Saturday.

Born in leap day – the 29th of December – quite a rarity. Now imagine how small the probability that the child will share a birthday in a leap day with one more family member.

But that’s what makes a birthday special Kamila’s little girl was born on Saturday, the same day when I celebrate the birthday of her father.

The hospital staff at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in California took advantage of the opportunity to draw attention to Camille. They had her dressed in a funny outfit and celebrated a joyous occasion with cake, balloons and singing «Happy Birthday» for a young dad and his newborn daughter.

Her parents admitted they were in awe of such a connection between father and daughter. «I pray to God for my little girl, and now we will combine this wonderful relationship for the rest of our days. I’m just really happy!» — told the young father Ivan Penalosa.

Camila was born on March 3, and her amazing appearance struck her mother. «It’s a blessing that Camila is with us, and we are shocked by the coincidence and the fact that they now share a birthday in a leap day with father,» said Jennifer Rebollar.

Even the chief Manager of the hospital congratulated the family. «At Mercy San Juan Medical Center has a responsibility to care for the patients… and we feel that we are incredibly fortunate to share this special crucial moment with this family,» said Michael Kobil.

One of the nurses at the medical center told CNN affiliate KCRA: «I’ve been here 29 years and never seen this. This is amazing.»

Leap day is the extra day that comes every 4 years calendar to synchronize it with the astronomical year.