Arnold Schwarzenegger donated $1 million protective masks for doctors

The legendary actor has donated $ 1,000,000 to protective masks to support health workers who are at the forefront of fighting the pandemic and confronted every day with the infection face-to-face.

Schwarzenegger supported the initiative of the resource fundraising for international group that helps provide medical equipment to those in need this hospital. Through its charity campaign of 72-year-old actor helped to deliver about 50,000 masks to a clinic in Los Angeles.

«Our doctors, nurses and hospital staff — the real heroes during this crisis. And I’m just acting.» says Schwarzenegger. «We have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure their safety, providing personal protection <…>. Purchase of several hundreds of thousands of masks for a million dollars — that’s the least I can do. Please take a moment to join me in supporting our heroes.»

In a video published on his page in Facebook, Schwarzenegger shared information on how the shipping of masks. The actor followed closely all the steps of delivery and personally made sure that the packages arrived at the clinic.

Today the mask is a very valuable commodity, and unfortunately, it is quickly realized speculators and unscrupulous sellers that raised the price of those necessary during a pandemic, things like protective masks, and disinfectants for the hands.

Arnold Schwarzenegger concerned about pandemics, previously, he shared a video, in which he urged carefully to wash hands and to stay home during the quarantine.