In the United States sent cruise liner with 4 dead and almost 200 sick

Cruise ship company Holland America Line passed through the Panama canal and is now heading to the United States.

The liner called Zaandam, who left Argentina on March 7 with 1800 passengers and crew members on Board, was denied access to South American ports and for several days was near Panama, while the country did not allow him to cross the channel.

Holland America Line said that it is still finalizing details of where and when you will land. Originally the cruise was planned to finish in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) on 7 April.

According to representatives of the cruise company, four people died on the ship after reports of flu-like symptoms. Administrator Ricaurte Vasquez told the Associated Press that COVID-19 has caused the death of at least two patients. A total of 73 guest and 116 crew members Zaandam reported similar symptoms.

On Sunday some of the guests moved to another vessel of the company, of Rotterdam.

Guests, who moved to Rotterdam, passed health checks. The ship did not translate anyone who had any respiratory symptoms for the last 10 days.

Holland America Line said that the main goal of «transfer» was to balance the workload between the two ships and immediately to assist the maintenance staff on the Zaandam. Two ships will remain together for the rest of the way.

It is known that on March 14 passengers on the Zaandam did not go ashore, and on March 22 were isolated in their cabins.