Social media amused by the story of a girl zakapusi stocks bean her boyfriend in the woods on a rainy day

Legumes can be very beneficial for the heart, but they are not always good for relationships.

A story that recently appeared in social networks, tells about a couple who entered into a struggle over supplies of canned beans. Obviously, they are unable to agree over whether to eat it now or bury it in the forest and to protect in case «things go bad» (pandemic coronavirus).

The story appeared on the social network Twitter, though, reported that it originally appeared on Reddit. Although the original post was probably deleted, the Twitter account dedicated to the «relations» shared the story.

According to the anonymous author of the post, he bought 30 cans of canned beans and 15 cans of canned chickpeas, ready to quarantine because of the coronavirus. Then, as the author writes, one evening he opened the closet kitchen to cook some chili and found that canned food was gone.

My (30 M) girlfriend (30 F) buried all of my beans in the woods and won’t tell me where, causing a fight between us.

— relationships.txt (@redditships) April 8, 2020

He writes: «I asked my girl and she told me that buried all the canned food in the woods.»

Finally, realizing that she was not joking, the author said that his girlfriend said that he wanted to preserve the beans on the case, «if things get really bad.» When the guy accused the girl that it is «ridiculous», it is, as he writes, said she «defended our beans».

Then the man says that the girl buried it canned because «canned food is much more valuable over a long period of time.» The author writes that the girl did not plan to stop there and wanted to bury it in the woods even more beans.

Obviously, the intensity of the argument increased (and the girl said that she will never be «risk beans»), after which the young people stopped to talk with each other.

Their story received more than 23 thousand reviews.

Twitter users were generally enthusiastic about the details of the story. One of them wrote: «none of the strong relationship cannot be formed if you hide from each other the beans». Someone else laughed: «I broke down on the phrase «I will never risk the beans», I need a drink».

Of course, not all laughed at the couple. One user, who obviously was not easy to find food in times of crisis, wrote: «As a vegetarian, I am angry at these people because now I can’t make lunch. I can’t find the bean because they have got such people. I’m so glad that all the bean buried in the woods, but did not become part of my diet».