The doctors married in the hospital when the coronavirus violated their wedding plans

«Happily ever after» doctors Salon Tsay and Michael Sana started in the Department for mothers and newborns. The couple met and fell in love with each other. Soon they decided to get married, to officially seal their love, but their plans were prevented by the coronavirus pandemic, which began in the world, including in the US, where young people live.

Both doctors hospital Duke University Hospital in North Carolina had planned things differently, but when they realized that the outbreak of coronavirus inevitable, they decided for some time to postpone the wedding plans, reports the news outlet Fox8.

Therefore, in the day when they originally planned to tie the knot, Shelon, who works in the Department of obstetrics and gynecology invited her fiancé, who works in the Department of psychiatry in a maternity hospital Duke Birthing Center. With them were many of their colleagues as well as friends and family members who contacted the Zoom to see as a couple exchanges their vows.

Their impromptu ceremony was complemented by the bride’s bouquet, made of sanitary-hygienic paper, a couple of bridesmaids in medical outfits and a sign «just married», to mark the transition relations of the pair in a new phase before you can get back to saving lives.

As a bride, and the groom was in medical clothing and masks.

People signed on Duke Medicine on the social network Facebook was in awe of the couple, congratulating them with a great mood and love in the period when US hospitals overflowing with patients with the coronavirus.

One of such well-wishers wrote: «Huge congratulations! Made me smile and cry at the same time. It was so beautiful… love in the time of Covid-19. There will be many happy years.» Other commentators have joined in the congratulations, wishing the young all the best.