Wedding ring returned to owner 3 years later, making the journey from Florida to new York

Engagement ring lost 3 years ago in a crowded restaurant Florida, returned to rightful owner thanks to a post on a social network and Internet detectives.

Ryan Curve, the Manager of the restaurant Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida due to coronavirus was forced to limit the work of the institution. The restaurant now only offers takeaway and home delivery, according to WPLG. Popular restaurant overlooking the Intracoastal waterway, has become very quiet, because no one was sitting in the room, and Ryan decided to replace the wood that decorated the floor of the restaurant.

Cleaning out the debris under the straps, the employees of the institution found a lot of stuff, expired credit cards, a gold coin, which was 165 years old, and a silver wedding ring.

On the ring was engraved «Mike and Lisa 21.08.15».

First, Ryan thought that the ring belonged to his permanent customer, but then I realized that this is not so when washed the sand and saw the engraving.

«When we realized that it was not his ring, we all agreed to try to find the owner,» — said Curve. «We didn’t know they lost him 3 weeks ago or 2 years ago.»

Sasha Formica, sales Manager of the restaurant found the wedding website The Knot to try to find a few. When this yielded no results, she decided to share photo in social networks.

On Monday they posted a photo, and by Thursday, Lisa called the restaurant.

Post was shared on the social network about 5000 times when Lisa called the restaurant from new York. Formica says: «She called and said «You won’t believe, but I’m Lisa»».

Lisa sent the photo of his ring, to confirm that the decoration belongs to them with her husband. She explained that the ring slipped off my husband’s hand and rolled between wooden boards. The culprit, according to her, it was delicious Scooby Snacks – crab claws in garlic butter, which makes the ring slipped from the hand Mike.

In the message with gratitude for Coconuts Lisa explained that the ring was lost on 20 March 2017, when the couple celebrated her birthday.

«Your meal Scooby Snacks is delicious, but dangerous, because Mike licked his fingers and then wiped his hands with a cloth when the ring rolled under the floor boards,» wrote the girl.

As for other treasures, Curve said they found a gold coin in 1855, which had a value of $2.50, but could be sold for $2,000 to collectors depending on condition. It was the biggest discovery in addition to others.

«We found some bills in $100,» said Ryan. «I don’t know how they got there». He explained that he plans to put bills together with change found under the floor in the tip jar to share with the restaurant staff.

Of course, the most important treasure – engagement ring – was returned to the pair on Friday in the mail.