Couple, traveling on a yacht without communication with the outside world, did not know that the planet is raging coronavirus

A couple traveling on the boat, had no idea about the scale of the pandemic coronavirus, until recently when they tried to drop anchor in the Caribbean, where they were told that many of the island closed their borders.

Elena Manighetti from Italy and Ryan Osborne of Manchester (UK) left a job in 2017 and bought a boat together to see the world.

They left the Canary Islands in late February of this year and went to Bequia, a Caribbean island, a distance of about 3000 miles.

Although they knew that at the time of their departure in China, an outbreak of coronavirus, the couple did not know how widely it had spread during their marine «seclusion».

«In February we heard that China was a virus, but it is hoped that by the time we get to the Caribbean for 25 days, all over,» said the air force Elena Manighetti.

After 25 days in the ocean — during which they did not have mobile communication and access to news from the outside world, the pair eventually reached the Caribbean.

The scale of the pandemic stunned when they switched on their phones.

«We just had a dropped jaw. We both seemed to have woken up after a coma,» said Ryan.

Quarantine for travelers meant the closure of many ports.

«At first we tried to approach one of the French territories in the Caribbean, but when arrived we discovered that all the borders are closed,» added guy.

The pair is now in Bequia, but hopes to explore the Caribbean before the start of hurricane season in June.

«We’re caught between hurricane season and the coronavirus,» said Elena.