A couple from Florida who heard screams from the garden, drew the social network and experts, to find out who they were published (video)

The couple said that sitting on the couch when I heard a shrill cry, unlike anything they had heard before.

Scream scared one family of Golden gates estates, Florida, United States this week, forcing them to wonder what or who could scream in their back yard.

Ed and Wendi Peterson live on ending a dead end street in a wooded area of Golden gates estates are here for 2 years. They told me how they sat on the couch when I heard a bloodcurdling scream that was unlike anything they heard before.

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«It was like a scream, like really loud screamed the child,» says ed Peterson. «I’ve never heard anything similar on audio or video. The first time I heard something like that in my entire life.»

Ed and Wendi Peterson ran outside to see what was happening, but was unable to find either people or animals in the backyard. When they reviewed the survey, made by a surveillance camera, they saw 2 small animals moving quickly through their 3-acre yard. «They were 2 and they were chasing each other, it was seen as one of them ran to the front yard»,- told Peterson. They had no idea who I saw in the video. Users of social networks vying to make assumptions. For example, someone suggested that it could be monkeys. Finally, how to tell spouses, someone asked them to listen to the sounds of a grey Fox. It seemed to them quite convincing.

Peterson said that after watching the video with the gray Fox, they were sure that this is the sound that they heard in the backyard. However, the Florida Commission for the protection of fish and wildlife and experts from the University of Florida Gulf Coast University was unable to confirm the fact that the sounds uttered mammals.

But Peterson joke that now Fox can walk through their back yard if they so desire, as long as they keep the noise down. «I don’t think I’ll react the first time now that I know who it is,» said Peterson.