Sicily will pay you part of the holiday to revive the tourism industry

The Italian island is trying to attract travelers to spice up their tourist industry.

Sicily announced the offer to pay part of the holiday as a way to attract people to visit again this beautiful place.

Because of the coronavirus, the island has lost up to 1 billion euros of revenue related to tourism.

To help recoup some of this loss, the local authorities offered to pay half the cost of flights and a third of the cost of your stay if you decide to go to the region. You will also receive free entry to the museums and galleries of the island.

It is unclear when the proposal will come into force, given that many countries have forbidden people to leave their homes without any valid excuse not to mention to leave the country for a holiday by the sea.

However, the publication The Evening Standard reports that the «sweet deal» will be concluded as soon as Italy will open their borders.

May 4 Italy goes to the second level blocking, which means residents can enjoy public parks and gardens. Restaurants will be allowed to offer takeout. Is expected to start construction and production. However, residents will have to wear masks and to comply with social distancing.

«You should always keep a safe distance not less than one meter — said Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte. Even in a family setting. Experts tell us that every fourth case of infection occurs in the family.»

From may 18, in Italy, open museums, galleries, libraries and retail stores. Bars, restaurants and hairdressing is planned to open on 1 June.

School will not open until September.

When the borders were opened, the offer of Sicily can be an excellent option for post-quarantine release.

If you want to use the offer, visit the link to the site where you will find vouchers for travel, accommodation and activities.